Thursday, January 21, 2021
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About us

In 2008 a group of physicians established a company to import drugs, health products and cosmetics. Employing a group of experienced pharmacists and food experts, the field of activity of the company was expanded.

Company organization
Salamat Parmoon Amin company is organized in several sections and having a skilled and professional staff is one of its investments.

Performance evaluation
The company could obtain some exclusive representatives from famous companies, so achieved its primary goals in the short time. Employing specialized staff and market analyzing were done and now, more than 30 major Pharmaceutical distributor companies and 2000 pharmacies, all over the country are in close cooperation with it. Company staff in sale part grew up from 20 persons to 35 persons. Using network distribution is so helpful to send products all over the country very fast.

More than 37 specialized physicians and general practitioners expert in different courses in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary, research, executive, managing, and communication in Iran and some European and American countries have active and continuous cooperation with this company.

Vission and Missions
- Our commitment to human encourages us to provide a high quality products in the hope of creating a more radiant and health tomorrow for the future mankind.

Ethical behavior is integrated in the core of our business, placing the well being of the patients as our top priority.

- Our vision is to develop high quality products with goal of providing much needed treatment options. 


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Salamat Parmoon Amin